Hammer Bits

We also supply hammer bits in retail and bulk to fulfill out customers' needs. Hammer bits are used to supplement drilling as hammer bits in use wears out and needs replacement.


# Diameter Weight Face Available
1 11-7/8" (302mm) 384 lbs (174KG) Concave
2 12-1/4" (312mm) 386lbs (175KG) Concave
3 12-38" (315mm} 394lbs (179KG) Concave
4 13" (331mm) 400lbs (181KG) Concave
5 14" (356mm) 442lbs (200KG) Concave
6 15" (381mm) 478lbs (217KG) Concave
7 16" (406mm) 545 lbs (247KG) Concave
8 17-1/2" (445mm) 571lbs (259KG) Concave


  1. Concave face design for advanced hole cleaning capacities
  2. 3/4" (19mm) diameter carbide buttons throughout face
  3. Several grades and types of carbide are available
  4. Side wear buttons are available as an option
  5. Other bit sizes may be available upon request
Image not to scale. Actual product may differ