DTH Hammer

A good quality and durable DTH hammer is crucial for the success of any drilling project. Here are the specifications and features of our hammer.


  1. For use in any hard rock application •Valveless down hole hammer design
  2. Valveless down hole hammer design
  3. Designed to operate at pressures to 250 PSI (17.0 BAR)
  4. Twelve splined chuck/bit design provides increased contact area
  5. Suitable for drilling & gas wells, water wells, piling holes, elevator shaft holes and other construction jobs where large volume rock excavation is required
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  1. Diameter:
  2. Bore:
  3. Stroke:
  4. Weight of Hammer only:
  5. Length (Shoulder to Shoulder):
  6. Length (Shoulder to Bitface):
  7. A.P.I Reg. Threads:
  8. 1300 blows per minute at 250 PSI (17.0 Bar)
  9. Suitable for drilling holes from 11-7/8" 3017-1/2 (302 mm to 445 mm) in diameter
  10. Accepts N11/N120 bit shank